10 Popular Ways to Get Your Feature Requests Implemented

10 Popular Ways to Get Your Feature Requests Implemented

Have you been using a new product or service but are frustrated because it’s missing a crucial feature? I see this happen time and time again on the customer service forums I visit. For your reading pleasure, I compiled the most popular ways I’ve seen users attempt to cajole / bribe / force companies to implement their feature requests. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. The Conversion Carrot: I’m currently a free user, but if I just had these features I’d totally become a paying customer.
  2. The Break-Up Threat: I’m currently a paying user, but the lack of these simple features is astounding. If these aren’t built I am totally leaving your service forever.
  3. The Public Shaming: These features should be easy to implement, based on my obvious visibility into your code and roadmap. I could churn it out in 5.4 nanoseconds myself.
  4. The Empathy Trap: I know your team works hard and has lots of requests. You guys are doing a great job! And I hope you can get to my features. And I hope if I empathize with you, you’ll feel a sudden obligation to keep me happy.
  5. The Fan Club President: If you build these for me, I’ll totally be your biggest fan ever and tell my friends/family/strangers about your product!
  6. The Upsell Opportunity: I would totally pay more for these features if that shows you how valuable and a priority these features should be (so long as any pay increase is purely hypothetical).
  7. The Public Defender: I will respond to all your critics in the forums before you do until you fear losing me as a passionate advocate.
  8. The Rebel Leader: I will rally all your critics into an all-out user rebellion with me as the leader until it’s easier to just give into my demands.
  9. The Competitor Boost: If you don’t implement my feature request soon, I’ll be forced to switch to your competitor (until of course they don’t listen to my requests, after which I’ll switch back).
  10. The Annoying Pest: I will regularly reply “Bump!” to my feature request forum topic until you are absolutely convinced that I am never going to go away until I get what I want.

Have I missed any good ones? If so, leave them in the comments below. Or else!

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  1. Tanuj Gupta
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 14:06:08

    The inside man maybe? Emailing the CEO or someone high up to get attention to your issue.


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