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This post is part of the extended series The 4 Hour Work Week Review

Sigh. Sometimes, you feel helpless. Alone. Your days are so routine, and yet you constantly feel like your world is spinning out of control. You find yourself going through the motions in both life and at work, and you find your ever elusive dreams slipping further away each day.

In times like these, take a moment and ask yourself – WWTFD? Read More

Shark Tank Bits & Bites: Season 4 | Episode 24

Shark Tank Bits & Bites: Season 4 | Episode 24

This episode was the Season 4 finale! Regular Shark Tank recaps will resume with the start of Season 5.

Shark Tank – Season 4, Episode 24

Pitch #1: Three-Day Rule

Elevator Pitch: exclusive online dating club

The Entrepreneur(s): Val Brennan

The Ask: $200k for 10% equity

The Deal: no deal

My take:

  • Val said she was a lawyer working 16 hours a day with zero time for a love life. Her solution? Start a startup! Read More
Diaper Squad – saving the world, one diaper at a time

Diaper Squad – saving the world, one diaper at a time

I want to tell you about a business that has affected me personally, at one of the crappiest times of my life. And that is Austin-based Diaper Squad.

Diaper Squad is a cloth-diapering service. Their premise is simple – every week they deliver clean diapers to you and take away your dirty ones. They provide the whole package – an unlimited number of cloth diapers, weekly delivery & pickup service, hampers, laundry bags, air fresheners, diaper covers, Snappies – the works. And all this for a very reasonable monthly price. Read More