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Most people agree that networking and staying in touch are very important. You read about it in the latest business blog, you see the effect it has on your family and friends. Heck, some people spend thousands of dollars to go to business school just to drink network.

So why don’t more people do it? I suspect that everyone is busy. In the moments between work & family commitments – when there’s finally time to make a quick phone call – there often isn’t time to figure out who to talk to beyond a handful of obvious people. I’ve been in this situation plenty before – sitting in traffic, with minutes to spare, but drawing a blank on whom to reach out to next.

Well – there’s an app for that!

Or at least there should be. I call it “Stay In Touch” – the mobile app for networking! The premise is simple – the app shows the person in your network you haven’t talked to for the longest time. Hit the “Call” button, and you’re instantly connected. Don’t feel like talking to that person? Hit “Snooze” and that person will move to the end of the line (or perhaps better is somewhere in the middle). The app’s simplicity is key here – it’s meant to be used when there are spare moments, and I imagine many of those moments will be in the car or when you need to act fast. Just fire up the app and connect with the next person on your list.


The free version of the "Stay In Touch" mobile app

The free version of the “Stay In Touch” mobile app


So what about pricing?

I imagine there being a free version and a paid version.

The free version:

  • Loads your entire address book into the app, and lets you deselect your enemies / crazy uncle
  • Only looks at your call history to determine whom to contact next (compared to the premium version, which we’ll talk about next)

The premium version (say, $0.99):

  • Has all the features of the free app
  • Supports different networks or categories (e.g. stay in touch with your “Business Network”, “Family”, or “Friends”)
  • Extends the meaning of “last contacted” to optionally include email and/or text messing


The paid version of the "Stay In Touch" mobile app

The paid version of the “Stay In Touch” mobile app

What about feasibility?

Unfortunately, there’s an issue with implementing this app on the iPhone – at least right now. iOS does not allow apps to access an iPhone’s call history (I assume this is to protect the privacy of the user). There used to be ways around this (low-level database hacking – believe me, I looked long and hard for a solution), but the latest iOS version closed these loopholes. There are some apps that attempt to circumvent this issue by requiring you to launch their app before dialing phone numbers (e.g. Smartr Contacts by Xobni) – but in my opinion this compromises the usability of the phone and the app itself. Hopefully one day, iOS will allow access to call history (with approval, of course).

One thing to note – I didn’t do any research about feasibility on Android. I know Android is much more open, so for any of you Android developers out there – get cracking!

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  1. Sunil Patro
    Apr 23, 2013 @ 23:42:27

    Nice idea, i have faced it so many times, I think with Android this is possible.

    Keep it going.:-)


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