Remote controlled…paper airplane?

Remote controlled…paper airplane?

This is not your mama’s paper airplane.

Now that I am addicted to Kickstarter (already funded the Tikker Death Watch and these beautiful metal gyroscopes), I noticed a new project that I just had to fund – the PowerUp 3.0 remote controlled paper airplane. That’s right – paper. If you need to see it to believe it, click on the link below and watch their video. The kit consists of a lightweight motor with servo, controlled via your smartphone using a cutting edge, long-range, power-efficient Bluetooth protocol called “Bluetooth Smart”. PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone App

As a kid, I was obsessed with remote control airplanes and flying in general. I had the privilege of flying remote control planes twice. The first time I was in junior high – my brother and I assembled the styrofoam sailplane, launched it by hand, and crashed & broke it within 5 seconds. We tried to fix it, but by then I was terrified about trying again. A few years ago while living in California, my wife surprised me with another remote controlled plane. This time, I managed to fly it twice before crashing into the only tree within a mile-wide radius and damaging the battery. A few weeks later, we moved to Austin and I left the plane behind because I was convinced it was too delicate to survive the move (truth is, I think I was petrified to try again and watch my childhood dream smash into a tree a second time).

This time – if I crash – I just fold myself a new paper airplane. Here’s hoping the third time is a charm!

From Kickstarter: PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

P.S. I know I haven’t posted in a while – have been finishing up The 30 Day Challenge and working longer hours than usual. The good news is I am in the middle of writing a post about one of my favorite ideas – stay tuned!

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