Do you have a great idea for a product or business, and are looking to bounce ideas off someone?

Need help simplifying your idea? Tips on how to best present your idea?

Worried about competitors, and want help thinking through competitive differentiators?Soundboarding


If so – I can help! I am offering my first true SaaS product – Soundboarding as a Service! I will help you refine your idea and get it ready for primetime.

What are my qualifications?

  • I have been a product manager for 8+ years. Before that, I was a software engineer for over 10 years. I have worked at companies that span the spectrum – big companies like Texas Instruments, Oracle, and Yahoo; as well as startups ranging from 15 people to 500 people.
  • I am an evangelist by nature, and a teacher at heart. Teaching really is the best way to learn. And I have been told I am good at it – specifically, breaking down complex topics and making them approachable to the general public. I think a good teacher is someone who loves to learn about new ideas, and can’t help but share that excitement with anyone who will listen.
  • I watch Shark Tank religiously. Enough said.

What will it cost you?

It’s up to you. Really. No strings attached. I love talking to entrepreneurs, and I love talking about creative ideas. I am not going to make a living doing this, so this is a mix of fun and an experiment to see how valuable such a soundboarding service might be.

You can pay me:

  • Nothing. And I am happy to do it!
  • Write a guest blog post. Talk about your idea or business. Talk about our discussion. Praise me. Hate on me. Or just talk about something random.
  • $0.83 per idea (if ideas are a dime a dozen, then that’s the going rate).
  • $25 per hour. Or more. Or less.
  • A bajillion dollars if your idea takes off. A bajillionth of a dollar if your idea doesn’t take off.
  • Whatever you want.

Okay! How do we get started?

It’s easy. Just contact me and we’ll go from there!