Surprise! It’s a…

Surprise! It’s a…

Imagine you are soon-to-be parents, about to find out the gender of your baby. There you are, waiting in the cold exam room, while the ultrasound technician manipulates the slimy electronic sensor and peers at her computer screen. As she ticks off all the things on her checklist, she pauses to unceremoniously tell you that you are having a…

Now imagine you are sitting at your favorite restaurant, enjoying a sumptuous feast of all your favorite, indulgent foods. Wine is flowing (for dad, anyways) and as the night passes, the anticipation keeps growing. Finally, the time arrives and the waiter eagerly brings out your special dessert – a delicious cake fully covered in chocolate frosting. This is it – the moment you have been anticipating for over 4 months. You both grab the knife – and with butterflies in your stomach – cut into the cake to reveal…

Which of the two scenarios above would you prefer?

If you picked the second scenario, I don’t blame you. In fact, that is exactly what my wife and I did to celebrate finding out the gender of our first child. The picture you see is a picture of our cake!

That brings me to my new idea – “”! Since our big reveal, a number of people have told us that they wish they could do something similar, but didn’t know how to arrange it. So the idea is a service that would provide everything one needs to arrange an unforgettable gender surprise experience, including:

  • Suggestions for unique experiences – for example:
    • A pink or blue dessert delivered at the end of a meal at your favorite restaurant
    • A wrapped box of pink or blue balloons to be opened at a big gathering of family & friends
    • Pink or blue flowers delivered simultaneously to yourself and your family around the world
    • A girl or boy-themed singing telegram that shows up at your door
  • Prior agreements with a number of vendors across the country – bakers, restaurants, florists, party planners, singing telegram services, and more – who can create your desired experience on demand
  • An easy-to-use, secure web service to allow doctors and nurses to notify your chosen vendor – in secret – of the gender of your baby

Such a service can generate revenue in a number of ways. For example:

  • Charge soon-to-be parents a flat fee per planned experience
  • Strike revenue sharing deals with participating vendors, or charge vendors a fee to be listed
  • Cross-sell or advertise to a targeted audience of young parents

Question to my readers – have you planned a similar such “gender surprise” experience in the past, or know someone who has? I’d love to hear about other unique experiences and ideas in the comments below!

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