SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube

SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube

This is too cool not to blog about. Continuing on my new obsession with Kickstarter – I LOVE the SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube. It is basically a “tape recorder for colors” (or for those of you whippersnappers too young to know what a tape recorder is, consider it a “color camera”).

You simply place the cube against any surface, hit a button, and the exact color of the surface is recorded in memory. The pocket-sized device stores up to 20 colors in memory, and can wirelessly transmit colors to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It comes with an API as well (to create your own applications that make use of the incoming color information). As proof of concept, the creators are building two color-powered apps – one matches a recorded color to a paint color from one of the major paint manufacturers, and the other is a Photoshop widget that sets your primary paint color to be whatever color you last recorded.

I have been following this campaign for weeks, but so far haven’t backed it (only 13 hours left before the campaign ends!). The truth is, I really don’t have an immediate use case for the Cube. But man – I love great technology!

From Kickstarter: SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube

UPDATE:¬†well, I couldn’t resist. Right after publishing this post, I went ahead and pledged! Dang Kickstarter!

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