Lost your keys? The entire world can help.

Lost your keys? The entire world can help.

I think Tile’s new product idea is really clever. Basically – you attach a Tile to your keys, drop one in your purse, stick one to your iPad, etc. Then fire up the companion app, and keep track of all your property. The app alerts you when a tile is in range, and the tile beeps as you get closer to help you locate the item.

But here’s the coolest part. Anyone running the app can pick up signals from¬†anyone’s¬†Tile. The app will route any Tile signals to a central server, which will in turn alert the Tile’s owner about the Tile’s location. And when the Tile owner arrives at the general vicinity, the owner’s app will start showing the location and the Tile will start beeping.

You’ve just turned the entire world (well, anybody with the app) into your personal lost-and-found service. Nicely done.

From TechCrunch: Tile Grabs $2.6M Via Selfstarter For Its Lost Property-Finding Bluetooth Tags Plus App


  1. Anu
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 16:24:11

    This is awesome! A very well implemented distributed sensor network. I wish the tags were cheaper. I’d put one on my dog.


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